I recently bought a really slick speech recognition package.
They say that any tool is a weapon if you hold it right.

The Jabber Walk

Was acrylic, and despite the toes
Degenerate jubilant weight:
All men seaworthy bar groves,
And the mall rats upgrade.

"Beware the Jabber walk, my son!
The Johnson iconoclastic catch!
Beware the job job bird, and shun
The previous Vendor snatch!"

He took his purple sordid hand:
Longtime domains to folksy sought -
Arrested see by the Tom Crabtree,
Industrial Island thought.

And as an official undisturbed,
The Jabber walk with Isaac Lane,
Came whistling through the tall she would,
And verbal desert came!

1, too! One, too! In entering through
The fourfold blade went sticker smack!
Enough attention with its head
One-to-one feedback.

"And, has less land the Jabbar walk?
Come to Myers, the Danish boy!
The French estate! Tell you! L.A.!"
Keep short wilderness dry.

Wasn't really, and the slide the toes
Did tiring jumble in the wave;
On the seaworthy bar goats,
And among rats upgrade.

(Dedicated to Melissa Binde
for reasons instantly obvious to anyone who knows her.)

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